Cherokee Nation Bar Association

          To become a bar member, you must complete an application with original documentation of good standing from a state bar and submit it to the Court.  Both the application and the certificate of good standing from a state bar must be originals; copied documents are not accepted.  After review and approval by the Justices, a notice will be sent informing you of admittance to the Cherokee Nation Bar Association.  The process usually takes around forty-five (45) days to complete.  If you have submitted an application and the review has taken longer, please contact the Supreme Court Clerk.  Please DO NOT send payment for bar fees until you are officially admitted and have received your letter from the court clerk.      

         Please mail completed applications with original certificates of good standing to Kendall Bird, Court Clerk; Cherokee Nation Supreme Court; P.O. Box 1097; Tahlequah, Ok 74465.



Listing of Cherokee Nation Bar Association Members

Listing is updated every 30-45 days with new admittees and updated contact information.  If your information is incorrect on this lising, please fill out the Contact Update Form and email it to or fax to (918) 458-9572.

Cherokee Nation Arbitrators

    The Cherokee Nation Supreme Court Rule 150 as well as Cherokee Nation Code Annotated Title 85 Article 2 Section 48, creates rules to certify arbitrators to work within the tribe.  To become certified, the attorney must submit an application to the court.  Once approved by the Supreme Court Justices, the court clerk will maintain a list that parties must select from or be selected by the court clerk from rotation.  Arbitrator listing is combined with the attorney listing above.

CNAR application with oath